January 2019

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Special thanks to Dan Dhruva Baumbach and Jasmin Lace for their exquisite images that grace much of this site.

Your awakening serves the awakening of all being. Your awakening supports all.”

Support appears in countless forms including those that may be unwelcome. This month, we see how all circumstances, both positive and negative, can deepen the recognition of who we are at the core.

Also available audio downloads for this month’s new library picks.

Oasis Magazine is dedicated to the expression and the exploration of what it is to live a “poetic life,” a life lived immediately and directly, in which the adventure of living is not mediated by stories we tell ourselves, and the outpouring of love is natural. When we share our experience of this awakened life — in poetry, in art, in music, or in simply reporting on our lives — it transmits the possibility of that same grace opening within the heart of another. Your submissions to Oasis Magazine are welcome and appreciated! Click here to read submission guidelines.